Minecraft But MOB Trade OP ITEMS!

⚡How to Craft⚡

Craft the Below Shown Recipe and Press Q to Throw on a Mob

1. Skeleton
2. Creeper
3. Blaze
4. Iron Golem
5. Pig
6. Sheep
7. Chicken

⚡ Abilities ⚡

1. Parachute (Chicken) RIGHT-CLICK to boost yourself up, and hold in Main-Hand to Glide.
2. Creeper Pickaxe (Creeper) – Break a block to Explode.
3. Iron Launcher (Iron Golem) RIGHT-CLICK to shoot an IRON BLOCK that drops Iron when Explodes.
4. Fireball Staff (Blaze) RIGHT-CLICK to shoot 4 Small Fireballs and 1 Giant Fireball.
5. Sheep Mouth (Sheep) RIGHT-CLICK while standing on Grass to get Regeneration, Saturation and Strength.
6. Pig Sword (Pig) Hit a Mob or Player (an attack that won’t one hit them) and the mob or player will drop food.
7. Machine Bow (Skeleton) HOLD & RIGHT-CLICK to shoot tons of arrows.

If you record and publish a video about this creation, please provide credit to the creator/s.

Here’s a template:

MOB Trade OP ITEMS by Th3A554551n
Download Link – https://95mods.com
Creator – https://youtu.be/uv7W3p1PbjY


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