Minecraft But I Can MIX ANYTHING!

Abilities & Custom Loots

1. Emerald Apple – Eating Emerald Apples will give you, Free Emerald, Jump Boost, Strength, Absorption, Speed effects.

2. Coal Pickaxe – Mining any Ores will Automatically Smelt.

3. Coal Sword Killing any mobs will Drop Cooked Meat.

4. Laser Tatti Beacon – Does nothing but can be upgraded to Laser Driller

5. Laser Driller Shoots POWERFUL Laser which can Instantly Break any Block.

6. TNT Blaster Shoots Charged Nuke TNTs.

7. Laser Gun – Shoots One Shot Laser, Which can kill any Mob Instantly.

8. Snowmond – Upon Exposion will Drop OP LOOTS.

9. Ender SpyglassRIGHT-CLICK & SNEAK will Teleport you, where you Look At.

11. Jelly Pants – Negates Fall Damage & SNEAK will Bounce you in the Air.

12. Po-Ta-Toes Grants Saturation & Everything you touch will turn into Potatoes.

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I Can MIX ANYTHING by Proboiz95
Download Link – https://95mods.com
Creator – https://www.youtube.com/@ProBoiz95


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Credits ProBoiz 95

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