Potion are Hack in Minecraft


Abilities & Custom Loots

1. Fly Hacks Potion Ability to Fly in Survival for 3 Mins.
2. Reach Hacks Potions – Increases Mining Distance for 3 Mins.
3. Kill Aura Potion Removes Cooldown from Sword & Axe, Making you Insanely POWERFUL.
4. AimBot Hacks Potion Shoots Unlimited Arrow from Bow
just like a Mini-Gun.
5. Scaffold Hacks Potion Automatically replace’s Block below your feet while Walking & Jumping Which allow’s you to Walk in Air for 3 Mins.
6. Dupe Hacks Potion Duplicate Inventory for 3 Mins

If you record and publish a video about this creation, please provide credit to the creator/s.

Here’s a template:

Potions are Hacks by Proboiz95
Download Link – https://95mods.com
Creator – https://www.youtube.com/@ProBoiz95


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  1. chintuzz

    i try this mod and its working very well

    1. Bruh

      This MOD is AMAZING!

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